Tech Guide – Fuzzy Guard and Its Hidden Attack Option-Select

In Final Showdown fuzzy guard is still as important as ever and fundamental to every player’s defense especially if utilized in tandem with its attack option-select to instantly punish throw attempts.

In this extensive tech article I go over every important aspect of fuzzy guard but expound also, for the more advanced user, on its powerful attack option-select, hidden deep within Final Showdown. Continue reading

Countering Low Punch

face-angry Many people seem to have difficulties with low-punch spammers. Don’t get me wrong, low punch is a great tool for interrupting your opponent and setting up these fabulous mid-launcher attacks, especially for higher-tier playing.

But somehow I can’t get rid of the feeling that it works too well in Virtua Fighter 5, which is heavily strike-oriented. Anyways, taking up ChanChai’s advices I will post the best tools for countering an opponent whose main tactics depend on low-punching.

This article was originally released Dec. 2007.

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Tech Guide – Sabaki Throw Escape

ooo-draw So far, my articles about how to and when to defend only touched the standard share of techniques that you can use for a consistency in defense. I covered ETE and ETEG, Fuzzy Guard and Crouch Fuzzy Guard. But what other option do especially Goh players have?

Sabaki Throw Escapes open up a new defensive strategy that I haven’t talked about here yet. You could call it a passively aggressive technique where a passive situation (you are disadvantaged and, thus, usually forced to defend) can net the defender some serious damage – and turn the tables in a match. It’s also a riskier technique than the standard share of classic defensive methods, such as ETEG, because your immunity to attacks depends on the limitations of the sabaki move’s properties.

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When to Fuzzy, CD-Fuzzy, and ETEG with Goh

applications-office Knowing when to and how to defend is crucial in Virtua Fighter 5. The animation work behind some of Goh’s moves however are betraying: most often, Virtua Fighter 5 gives no real visual clue at how you should defend properly after a move of yours has been blocked by your opponent.

Down below you’ll find a graphic providing you with a digest of your possible options when defending with Goh Hinogami. Have fun!

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Tech Talk Interview – Former Tekken player Mack on a Long and Stony Journey

tech-talk-icon In our second Tech Talk interview, we thought we might as well get the perspective of someone whose memories from starting to play Virtua Fighter is as fresh as green grass in spring.

Formerly a Tekken player, Mackfactor made the conscious choice to start playing Virtua Fighter—and never looked back since. We have probably never met such an eager learner. How hard the struggle was to get things started and what happened along on his long (and stony) journey can be read in our four-page interview below.

In this interview, the Canadian gets even with some DMppluskers on Xbox Live as well…

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Tech Talk Interview – VF Dutchman Krye on Online Play and Stepping Madness

tech-talk-iconIn our new series, Tech Talk, we get in touch with Virtua Fighter players around the world asking them to give us their perspective on Virtua Fighter.

This first time around of Tech Talk, we bombarded Netherlands-based player Krye with tons of questions, and he gladly gave us his take on online play, stepping, and why a character’s dress already tells him a lot about his opponent. Some of you might have even come by his devastating El Blaze on Xbox Live.

You can read our three-page interview below. (We just added a new next-page button for you. Yay!)

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Tech Guide – On Breaking Stagger

gnome-joystick Apparently, there is some confusion regarding the problem of breaking free from a stagger. At its core, escaping stagger successfully and most quickly is mostly just about wiggling your stick like mad. After all, not everything VF has to be rocket science.

There are, however, a few important things to keep in mind when breaking staggers especially if you want to be in control of the outcome. We have prepared animated figures for you in order to demonstrate “correct” wiggling.

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