Tech Talk Interview – VF Dutchman Krye on Online Play and Stepping Madness

tech-talk-iconIn our new series, Tech Talk, we get in touch with Virtua Fighter players around the world asking them to give us their perspective on Virtua Fighter.

This first time around of Tech Talk, we bombarded Netherlands-based player Krye with tons of questions, and he gladly gave us his take on online play, stepping, and why a character’s dress already tells him a lot about his opponent. Some of you might have even come by his devastating El Blaze on Xbox Live.

You can read our three-page interview below. (We just added a new next-page button for you. Yay!)

Could you give us a quick rundown on your Virtua Fighter background? How long have you been playing; and, since which VF installment do you play? Have you had any fighting game experience before coming to the Virtua Fighter franchise?

I’ve been playing VF for a little longer than two years now. I started with Virtua Fighter 5 for Xbox 360, which up until now is the only version I’ve really played. I used to be pretty good at Dead or Alive before Virtua Fighter, but I didn’t really like the system that much, so I just naturally picked up VF to see if I’d like it better. I did.

Do you think it perfectly possible to become a good Virtua Fighter player solely by taking your play online? What is the advantage or disadvantage of doing so?

Well, it depends on how good you have to be to be a “good” player. I remember I thought I understood the game pretty well when I went to World Cyber Games in 2008, but I got smacked down pretty hard by all the good players there. I expected to get smacked down, but I didn’t expect there to be such a gap in terms of what I knew about the game. That was a real eye-opener to me. The same thing kind of happened when I went to Sweden a year ago. The Swedes have amazing fundamentals, I (and the rest of the Holland Posse ::hi smiley:: ) didn’t. I also got nailed on some bad habits that I got from online play.

Online, you can learn to control your character pretty well and you can get a nice feel for the game, too. But unless you play offline as well, you’re gonna get stuck with bad habits for sure. Also, your fundamentals will either not develop at all, or you’ll learn about them in the wrong ways. For example: online makes things hard to react to, so fuzzy becomes less effective when somebody hits your guard with a jab, making Standing Punch into throw a lot stronger than it really is.

There’s a lot more examples I can make about online screwing up stuff, but that’d take too long.

Basically, I don’t think playing solely online can make you a good player. I do think playing online can be a lot of fun and can give you valuable experience in character knowledge.

Do you take lag in online matches into your play style’s equation? Do you change your behavior in online matches significantly when lag spikes occur?

Not consciously, but I’m sure over time I adjust to what’s working and what isn’t, if I like it or not. When lag spikes occur I usually just quit.


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