Modding the HORI EX2 – with Genuine Arcade Parts

ex2It’s no big secret that HORI’s Fighting Stick EX2 has been a miscarriage right from the beginning. The low quality of the stick becomes especially hurtful when it begins to break down after a short time. From what I’ve gone through, the buttons of both EX2 of mine refused to register inputs just after two weeks of normal usage. And that happened just in the midst of a tournament match (admittedly, online).

That there’s a fix to this problem is old news: simply replace the low-quality parts with better ones—preferably from Sanwa. That that “simply” isn’t so simple becomes visible when we unscrew the rubbish that came to a royal price. One hardly knows where to start, screw, or dremel first.

But there’s help: a comprehensive how-to guide has hit the surface and provides you with the ins and outs of fixing up what is—or soon will be—broken.

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