Tech Guide – Fuzzy Guard and Its Hidden Attack Option-Select

In Final Showdown fuzzy guard is still as important as ever and fundamental to every player’s defense especially if utilized in tandem with its attack option-select to instantly punish throw attempts.

In this extensive tech article I go over every important aspect of fuzzy guard but expound also, for the more advanced user, on its powerful attack option-select, hidden deep within Final Showdown. Continue reading

Extended Goh Command and Combo List Now Available

We’ve put an extraordinary amount of time into polishing, correcting, and expanding Goh’s command list for Final Showdown Version A. You can access the command list here — we’ve also included side-hit data (just hover with your mouse over the GRD, HIT, or CH columns) alongside with a few explanations what the colors and some abbreviations mean.

If you’re all pumped up for pulling off those insane Goh combos, we’ve got something in store for you as well. The first draft of Goh’s combo list is finished. You can access the combo list over here. Enjoy!

Final Showdown Already Considered a Success on Japanese Market

The game’s port team at AM2 tweeted early that Virtua Fighter: Final Showdown had already crossed the sales target for the Japanese market only one week after launch. This is great news for every VF fan out there, for, if VF5FS is doing well, that could very well pave the way for the next entry in the series for the home consoles.

There’s no word so far how the game is doing outside Japan.