A Shoulderram Flow Chart for Goh

shldrm-flow-chartWhat you see here on the right is a part of a flow chart showing your options as Goh player and your opponent’s after you hit with your Shoulder Ram – or “shldrm” as Goh players would spell it.

So this is a post about option select in Virtua Fighter in general and, in particular, what your most feasible options are.

It was simply fun to play through the scenario. I’m hitting with my damage-dealer, the “shldrm”, what will my opponent do? How will he react to it? He may crouch, ETEG or counter-attack – just to name a few of his options. But what are my options then? This way, I got step by step to a lengthy tree diagram showcasing your most prominent options after your shldrm hits.

The flow chart

In order to counter the mind-boggling flood of data I had to make a selection. Fear not, all your options are still in the diagram. For some situations though where I didn’t want to generalize and say “counter with mid-attack” but where I actually aimed for naming particular, especially damaging attacks, I had to curtail a bit. I had to reduce and select for good reasons, though: to still make the data collected readable.

I can give no guarantee that this here will provide any new insight into the game or Goh’s option select. It may be, after all, extremely irrelevant or old news. But having simply a visual reference to a particular situation in Virtua Fighter shows oh so well the diversity with which we can respond to a situation and particular mind set of an opponent.

Happy mind-fucking!


Click to enlarge picture

shldrm-flow-chartP.S. If you are in need of a legend for the diagram, post in the comments below. Alternately, use the search button on the right hand side. I’m sure you can find all the abbreviations or terms to be found in the diagram explained in more depth on my site as well. Or just use VFDC’s glossary.

7 thoughts on “A Shoulderram Flow Chart for Goh

  1. I wonder why you sucked so badly last time I played you. You spammed 2P like no tomorrow and got your arse punished for it. Maybe its time you start play this game more and write less shit about it? just an advice. Ah and **** you, dont ever join my games again, ses1mf1 thanks

    Admin: This blog is being moderated.

    • I don’t remember playing you at all. But also, in regard to playing online, I couldn’t care less. Being so disrespectful just highlights what you are: a forum troll rather than a VFDC member.

      • of course you dont remember me. as you pointed out, you dont care about playing online or the people you play or even about playing this game at all, all you care are your flowcharts.

  2. I was hosting like I normally do, until you joined my game. I was hosting with Akira, my gt is ses1mf1. you joined my game, and I though “good, lets have a few matches”. I noticed that you started 2P at disadvantage EVERY TIME. so I started DE elbow you. I was hoping that after eating a few counters you would stop spamming 2P and actually play VF. but no, you kept playing on auto-pilot. I have no problem with the way you chose to play, of course It shows that you dont give a shit about your opponents, but its ironic that you have a WHOLE BLOG about Vf and then you dont treat your opponents with respect online. VF is more than flowcharts, its also about people. BTW you deleting my previous post because it shed a bad light on me and the community is stupid, you deleted them because you are an hipocrite and cant take some criticism.

  3. Belated thumbs up :-)

    How about flowcharts for punch and d+p? Preferably on Normal Hit, that way it will be useful for online, where hit-checking is hard.

    I already knew d+p NH > shoulder ram beats everything (except Aoi’s reversal) but i just realized p NH > f+p+k,p should also beat everything not designed to beat Mid Punches!

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