When to Fuzzy, CD-Fuzzy, and ETEG with Goh

applications-office Knowing when to and how to defend is crucial in Virtua Fighter 5. The animation work behind some of Goh’s moves however are betraying: most often, Virtua Fighter 5 gives no real visual clue at how you should defend properly after a move of yours has been blocked by your opponent.

Down below you’ll find a graphic providing you with a digest of your possible options when defending with Goh Hinogami. Have fun!

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Tech Guide – On Breaking Stagger

gnome-joystick Apparently, there is some confusion regarding the problem of breaking free from a stagger. At its core, escaping stagger successfully and most quickly is mostly just about wiggling your stick like mad. After all, not everything VF has to be rocket science.

There are, however, a few important things to keep in mind when breaking staggers especially if you want to be in control of the outcome. We have prepared animated figures for you in order to demonstrate “correct” wiggling.

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Tech Guide – On the Secret Power of Frames

fuzzy-teaser-small Learning frame data can be tedious. Oftentimes, command lists are so over-informative that filtering out what’s really at stake can drive you nuts.

But you don’t have to learn all the frame data that comes with every move. Knowing after which move to Fuzzy Guard, CD Fuzzy Guard, or ETEG is already an ideal start to build your defense upon and to begin your journey of frames with.

This guide deals with the frame problem, and makes use of easy-to-read frame charts for every move of Goh Hinogami. Even though this guide is quite VF5-centered (and in particular to Goh), it can, nonetheless, be adapted to any fighting games installment or character.

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Escaping Throws (with Quick Reference)

Throws have always been the balancing part to strikes in Virtua Fighter. You cannot simply evade to the side for avoiding throws just as you can do it with most normal attacks. You always have to input a specific command for escaping throws. It is possible to escape several throws at the same time, or even to evade strikes and throws simultaneously with an advanced throw escape technique: ETE(G).

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