Virtua Fighter Notation

Goh Notes will foremost make use of the graphical transcription (dfP) which is quick to read but for the first-player side only.

However, there are numerous other ways of transcribing moves in Virtua Fighter, such as the numerical (3P) or abbreviated form (d/f+P). Either form has its advantages and disadvantages: numerical is good for quickly typing or telling someone a move verbally; the abbreviated form is universal due to the fact that it doesn’t matter on which side you stand, whereas the graphical transcription is very catchy but needs real icons (graphics).

Here you can find all the transcriptions and how they translate. Below you will find the notation used on this page, as well, other generally known ones, so that you can compare.

Source: Virtua Fighter Notation (by GLC)

Straight Motions

f f 6 tap forward
F f_ 6_ hold forward
b b 4 tap back
B b_ 4_ hold back
d d 2 tap down
D d_ 2_ hold down
u u 8 tap up
U u_ 8_ hold up


df df 3 tap down-forward
DF df_ 3_ hold down-forward
db db 1 tap down-back
DB db_ 1_ hold down-back
uf uf 9 tap up-forward
UF uf_ 9_ hold up-forward
ub ub 7 tap up-back
UB ub_ 7_ hold up-back

Complex motions

Some examples for more complex motions:

QCF d,df,f ddff 236 quarter-circle forward
QCB d,db,b ddbb 214 quarter-circle back
HCF b,db,d,df,f bdbddff 41236 half circle forward
HCB f,df,d,db,b fdfddbb 63214 half circle back
270°u-b u,f,d,b ufdb 8624 270° throw, 3/4 circle up-back
270°u-f u,b,d,f ubdf 8426 270° throw, 3/4 circle up-forward
270°d-b d,f,u,b dfub 2684 270° throw, 3/4 circle down-back
270°d-f d,b,u,f dbuf 2486 270° throw, 3/4 circle down-forward


P or p = Punch button
K or k = Kick button
G or g = Guard button

Just like in algebra, you may sometimes see something like px or ppx. Those are series starting with the same move(s), but ending with different options. X stands for a variable here, just like in maths. Take a look at this example:

  • P, K (pk) = Lau’s punch-kick
  • P, P, K (ppk) = Lau’s double punch-heel kick
  • P, P, P, d+K (pppdk) = Lau’s triple punch-sweep

Practical Usage

Let’s have a look at examples, such as the Dash:

f,f ff 66 dash forward
b,b bb 44 dash back
f,F ff_ 66_ run forward

As well, Crouch Dash (CD) can be achieved with inputting various motions; here are the most popular methods:

df,df dfdf 33 Standard CD
df,d,df dfddf 323 Alternative

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