A Video Throwback to VF3, Akira Kid, and His Famous Korean Stepping

gxine Well, sort of. Who doesn’t remember one of the most renowned Virtua Fighter players ever? Back in the times of Virtua Fighter 3, phenomenons like Akira Kid or Ige Lau were breathtaking VF talents.

The video I’m representing to you marks the zenith of Virtua Fighter 3. The International Maximum Battle Championship features the best VF players from all over the world. Most of you will first and foremost remember Akira Kid and Ige Lau, the two fierce finalists.

For the first time Korean player Shin Eui Wook, in the VF2-VF3 area known as Akira Kid, then later as ShinZ, presents Korean Stepping to the wide public – to the awe of all.

Have fun watching the beautiful movements and execution skills of the best players the VF world had to offer.

Due to the video’s huge length (more than 20 minutes) I split the video up into three equal parts. Below is the first one. Either watch it until the end, DailyMotion will then automatically play the other parts, or simply click on “Read the rest of this entry” to watch the other parts embedded here on Goh Notes.

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