VF5R Fans Fighting for Console Port

office-date With Virtua Fighter 5: Revolution SEGA got the fifth installment of the old-established polygon beat-em-up series an overhaul for the Japanese arcade halls. Unfortunately, a console port never appeared so that only in Japan you can enjoy the two new characters – karateka Jean and sumo wrestler Taka – and the many new gameplay changes and moves.

high-grade-article With the release of the new Revision B of VF5:R (new animations and balancing), the close-knit western fan community hoped for a speedy porting to the current-gen consoles. As I’ve already mentioned on GamersGlobal.com, western fans have already begun in October 2008 to excessively file support tickets on SEGA’s Japanese community site to request a console port for VF5:R. But SEGA never quite responded to that.

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