Strong Opinions – Is Street Fighter 4 Really Worth its Money?

Opinion: Street Fighter 4

Since launch Street Fighter 4 has gained high review scores accompanied by bombastic sales numbers. A good amount of VFers already gave in, bought SF4, and returned disappointedly without ever quite leaving the VF scene. Capcom’s hype – also caused by their now-matured, original SF2 players – is taking hold of the more hardcore VF player base.

I asked VF veterans whether Street Fighter 4 is worth a VFer’s cash. And Konjou Akira, who we know from VFDC, US gatherings, and his blog, answered.

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Strong Opinions – Bad at Inputting Moves? Maybe It’s Your Stick!

Hori EX2

As XBOX 360 Virtua Fighter player you have no real choice when it comes down to hardware or accessories. Most of the time you are forced to rely on Microsoft-certified products.


In particular, your only official choice to play Virtua Fighter seriously, that is, with an Arcade Stick, is to buy the HORI Fighting Stick EX2. What that can mean to your playing is both shocking and frustrating.

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