Tech Talk Interview – Former Tekken player Mack on a Long and Stony Journey

tech-talk-icon In our second Tech Talk interview, we thought we might as well get the perspective of someone whose memories from starting to play Virtua Fighter is as fresh as green grass in spring.

Formerly a Tekken player, Mackfactor made the conscious choice to start playing Virtua Fighter—and never looked back since. We have probably never met such an eager learner. How hard the struggle was to get things started and what happened along on his long (and stony) journey can be read in our four-page interview below.

In this interview, the Canadian gets even with some DMppluskers on Xbox Live as well…

Coming from Tekken, what was it like to make the transition to the Virtua Fighter series, and, even more importantly so, why such a big change in the first place?

I think the transition was made easier due to the fact that i had a 3d fighting games background playing Tekken. However, it was still difficult because there was a lot of new things to learn.

I started playing Virtua Fighter, because I was tired of the lag in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PlayStation 3 and wanted to try something different. Even though I didn’t play Virtua Fighter, I always admired VF players, because I have seen some VF match videos of Chibita and read some of the strategies guides just to see what the game was about. I thought, Wow, this game has a lot advanced stuff you can do in this game. I figured I rather play an outdated VF5 revision C than play with the lag for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

If you compare the two communities of those two old-established fighting game franchises, Virtua Fighter and Tekken, what comes to your mind? How did you experience your entrance to the VF community, which is quite known for being rather ‘elitist.’

Both communities are great; met some great people in both communities that were helpful and very nice people to talk to.

But one difference I find is that VF players tend to be more technical and precise on their answers like, This is why this move beats out this move; or, These are the properties of sidestepping. Then they go on and make it even more precise by telling me the reason behind it like: “See if you calculate the frames of the moon divided by the X amount of triangles in the continent of Japan, times 6, you will see why Fuzzy Guard works…”

When i ask a Tekken player how sidestep works, I get answers like “It’s about hit-boxes… I just know, I just feel. it takes experience on when to know how to sidestep. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying buddy, and you’ll eventually see how sidestepping works for yourself.” Or, “Better yet, why don’t you keep practicing on your electrics with Kazuya. Spam it out when in doubt.”

I thought the VFDC people [VFDC stands for—ed.] were very helpful and provided me with great answers and seemed like nice guys. However, when i first started playing Virtua Fighter I felt that sense of arrogance from certain players, like kick me on the ground or wouldn’t save me as a friend, or wouldn’t reply back when i asked how they did this or that move…

But I think an even worse case was when a Goh Hinogami player kept DM DMpplusking, and that’s the only move that he would use. Wait, I think that was you, Leonard! [Nice, should revive that tactic!—ed.] But, then again, you meet some real nice guys as well, too. I met this one guy named AssassinCP (a great Goh player) over Xbox Live. I was playing Player Match, and all I could hear was “Hello, hello is anybody there?! I would like to show you a couple of things with Goh.”

I was thinking, Who is this babbling idiot who wants to befriend me. Ever since then, we started up Xbox Live party chats with other VF players, and now there are very many VF players all over the world that come and talk over microphone and share their strategies etc. Even new players are coming into the party asking for games and advise or to even hear Kaminari Oyagi (great Sarah player) yell at players. The community feels close as well.


2 thoughts on “Tech Talk Interview – Former Tekken player Mack on a Long and Stony Journey

  1. I too come from a Tekken BackGround Played Tekken 3 then Tekken 5 and now 6. I wasnt that deep into it tho… I started out playing VF5 when I saw it on Ultimate gamer and realized that Pros play this … when I played it (last one I played was VF1 b4 this lol) I realized that this is way more tecnical and required more skill thn Tekken, and had more Depth. Plus I was Tired of all the Super Quick Characters that were put in Tekken 6 Juggling ALL THE TIME. Now I hear of VF5:R and I WANT IT! so I hope it gets released here on Consoles.

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