Tech Guide – Sabaki Throw Escape

ooo-draw So far, my articles about how to and when to defend only touched the standard share of techniques that you can use for a consistency in defense. I covered ETE and ETEG, Fuzzy Guard and Crouch Fuzzy Guard. But what other option do especially Goh players have?

Sabaki Throw Escapes open up a new defensive strategy that I haven’t talked about here yet. You could call it a passively aggressive technique where a passive situation (you are disadvantaged and, thus, usually forced to defend) can net the defender some serious damage – and turn the tables in a match. It’s also a riskier technique than the standard share of classic defensive methods, such as ETEG, because your immunity to attacks depends on the limitations of the sabaki move’s properties.

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Tech Guide – On the Secret Power of Frames

fuzzy-teaser-small Learning frame data can be tedious. Oftentimes, command lists are so over-informative that filtering out what’s really at stake can drive you nuts.

But you don’t have to learn all the frame data that comes with every move. Knowing after which move to Fuzzy Guard, CD Fuzzy Guard, or ETEG is already an ideal start to build your defense upon and to begin your journey of frames with.

This guide deals with the frame problem, and makes use of easy-to-read frame charts for every move of Goh Hinogami. Even though this guide is quite VF5-centered (and in particular to Goh), it can, nonetheless, be adapted to any fighting games installment or character.

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Tech Guide – Stepping in Virtua Fighter 5

What is stepping?How important is stepping in Virtua Fighter 5 actually and can it help your gameplay? Dashes, crouch-dashes, and evades – how do they fit into the picture of stepping?

What about step-canceling, DM & OM? Are there any specific stepping maneuvers that are ideal for spacing? What is “Box Stepping?”

This article is meant to guide you through the yet relatively uncovered gameplay aspect called "stepping."

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Tech Guide – Goh’s Basic Okizeme

Okizeme describes tactics to attack a rising opponent.

Basic Okizeme is all about directly intercepting an opponent’s mid or low rising-kick. While many players may state that Goh’s Okizeme options may not be as diverse as compared to the Okizeme arsenal of other characters, Goh does still have some impressive tools at hand for countering risers, especially for intercepting rising kicks.

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