Tech Video – Escaping Side Throws

SuddenDeath and I came up with the idea of making a tutorial video about escaping side throws simply because we never really dug deeper into side throws. Even the VFwiki isn’t a too great help here. Not only is it hard to distinguish which side your opponent is on (left or right). But also, the whole rule provided there confused us through and through on the 2P-side anyway.

So we came up with our own rule:

  • When being side-turned to the background, throw-escape with forward pplusg.
  • When being side-turned to the foreground, throw-escape with backward pplusg.
  • Note: You can only get one throw-escape successfully registered. You can’t enter both options at the same time.

Thanks go to Sal (aka SuddenDeath) for his assistance in making the video. Only VF music was used throughout the video tutorial. Can you guess which? :D