When to Fuzzy, CD-Fuzzy, and ETEG with Goh

applications-office Knowing when to and how to defend is crucial in Virtua Fighter 5. The animation work behind some of Goh’s moves however are betraying: most often, Virtua Fighter 5 gives no real visual clue at how you should defend properly after a move of yours has been blocked by your opponent.

Down below you’ll find a graphic providing you with a digest of your possible options when defending with Goh Hinogami. Have fun!

Rehashing the data from one of my post Guide: On the Secret Power of Frames, and re-imagining it with new visual means, I have created three new tables showing Goh Hinogami’s advantage or disadvantage after his moves on block.

I, then, divided his moves into the three basic techniques of building up a defense: Fuzzy (Guard), CD-Fuzzy, and ETE(G). This is, by no means, always the optimal way to defend. It pretty much depends on the mind set you are up against, knowing your opponent’s behavior patterns (habits), and seizing your chances there. (For instance, ETE(G) may not always be the best option if your opponent likes catch-throws or full circulars.)

You can print out those tables, and use them as note cards if you want.


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