Masters’ Guide: Secret Goh Tactics Unveiled!

Goh player Jonas was so kind to do a swift translation on Goh’s strategy and tactics page in the Final Showdown Masters’ Guide for us – with stunning results.

Keep in mind that the following text is only a quick, unabridged, uncommented translation of Goh’s tactics page in the Masters’ Guide (p. 116). All credit goes to Jonas.

Goh Character Synopsis

Both his attacks and throws have good damage output but the overall slow startup is a weakness. When in trouble it’s hard to keep up, but if you pressure with some comeback moves, it’s the key to victory.

If you attack from short or medium range, the good middle attack 3KP is your weapon of choice. You have the advantage on normal hit; on counterhit and on a crouching opponent you are free to combo. Even if it’s guarded, the only counterattack possible is a throw. 4K is safe on guard too, so it’s also a reliable move. But the startup of these moves is slow, so for close range or after you’ve been hit by a low punch, it’s better to use quick attacks such as 3PP or 46P+KP. The former one is hard to hit-confirm. The latter can be led into Goh’s Tsukami grab to put on more pressure. If all these mid attacks are inviting your opponent to stand and guard more often, aim for highly damaging throws such as 41236P+G or 63214P+G.

On the Tsukamigaeshi (P+K+G)

At that awkward moment, when you opponent is throwing you, press P+K+G and you will deflect the throw and transition to the Tsukami Grab. The timing is tricky but you can deflect any throw regardless of its throw direction and thus ultimately change the pace of the fight. It’s mainly used when moves like 3KP, 33P, 4K, 66P+G get blocked because the only guaranteed counterattack is a throw attempt. Based on the assumption that your opponent will use the fastest counterattack, press P+K+G and the timing will become easier. Also, it’s possible to do the Tsukamigaeshi with 4P+K+G. So, if your opponent doesn’t grab, it can still deflect his attacks.

On Wall Combos

The combo number 12 [Ed: 4P+K > 9P+K > 6_P > 66P+K > 3PP] which requires a wall is really powerful. Goh has quite a few wall splatters. 6P+K can push a nearby opponent into a wall, causing a wall stagger. To follow up, if you use 2_3P+K (you can also input 33P+K), he wont have the time to recover and will splat straight against the wall. When the wall is close, it’s good to do some combo with 46P.

When the wall is to your character’s left or right side, 2/8K+G (depending on which way the wall is facing) is possible. On hit it can give some wall damage. Then, PK4 will connect, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.

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