Escaping Throws (with Quick Reference)

Throws have always been the balancing part to strikes in Virtua Fighter. You cannot simply evade to the side for avoiding throws just as you can do it with most normal attacks. You always have to input a specific command for escaping throws. It is possible to escape several throws at the same time, or even to evade strikes and throws simultaneously with an advanced throw escape technique: ETE(G).

In order to keep things utmost clear for both player sides, left and right, I will make use of the 1P-2P notation here: back is b, forward is f, down-forward is d/f, and so forth. Please consult the Notation page of Goh Notes if you feel having problems deciphering it.

How To Escape Throws

By simply inputting the last direction of the throw’s original command input plus the final throw throw finisher, you can escape the throw.

  • Throw finishers: pplusg for high, ppluskplusg for low throws


  • Kage is about to throw you with his Ten Foot Toss (forward, back pplusg).
  • You expect it, and input the last input direction of this throw plus the finalizing throw trigger.
    • Your input to counter Kage’s TFT: back pplusg.
  • What follows is a successful throw escape situations. Consult command lists for these.

For advanced players it is possible to input up to three escape commands at the same time. This is usually a normal throw (P+G) and two directional ones, mostly in diametrical opposition to each other (e.g. all throws ending with forward and back).

The secret of being a successful throw escaper has much to do with reading your opponent and knowing the vulnerability of your moves. The problem is to correctly anticipate a throw, and then correctly responding to it.

Top Throw Escapes Quick Reference

Having a list of the Top Throw Escapes comes in handy when fighting all the different characters in Virtua Fighter 5. The table is organized in the way that the top priority throw escape is listed left-most. The 1P-2P Notation is used here making things easier for right-side players.

top throw escapes

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