Strong Opinions – Bad at Inputting Moves? Maybe It’s Your Stick!

Hori EX2

As XBOX 360 Virtua Fighter player you have no real choice when it comes down to hardware or accessories. Most of the time you are forced to rely on Microsoft-certified products.


In particular, your only official choice to play Virtua Fighter seriously, that is, with an Arcade Stick, is to buy the HORI Fighting Stick EX2. What that can mean to your playing is both shocking and frustrating.

Even in 2050 HORI products won’t get better

As Japanese Amazon reviewers have pointed out: the stick doesn’t come only with a high price. Apart from the fact that the stick is too expensive for what is inside, you don’t even get what you want: a decent Arcade Stick that is working.


A poor Google translation:

With a sense of the high price悪く無いuse.
But making is too brittle.
I am buying the A button is not effective in three weeks.
Net in a similar number of people are also known.
Tussle for the operation of the game and stick it, I wanted to make more robustly.

HORI: Auto-Fire Included?!

After two months of regularly playing Virtua Fighter, both HORI Arcade Sticks of mine won’t work anymore. It was a rewarding experience to find out about it amidst of a tournament. Actually it’s the B Button (Punch) that isn’t registering any input at all. It’s quite disadvantageous if you can’t punch, throw, or sabaki when you want, right?

Alternately, at times I get the alternate auto-fire for it. Hmm … that means uber-punch spamming, right? No, I forgot we are talking about Virtua Fighter where every inputs counts! I wondered why my Basaras won’t register correctly and why I never had to do the last punch input: the controller has been doing it for me automatically – at times.

Ever wondered about your controller? Find out about its correct functionality in the Dojo Mode with the command and input display enabled.

8 thoughts on “Strong Opinions – Bad at Inputting Moves? Maybe It’s Your Stick!

  1. I love reading your strats and posts but I couldn’t get nothing from this blog because of your backgrounds. The black strips on either side of the screen make the black text almost impossible to read and they also cause the middle white section to be really bright.

    Just thought you should know….


  2. Sorry my bad man. The formatting fixed itself as soon as I backed up after adding that last comment. All the text and graphics are showing now in white area where they should be, I must not have let if finish loading.

    sorry for any inconvienence.

  3. No problem, mate. I hope it’s alright for you now. Black text on a white background with blue stripes on the left and right side.

  4. What do you think about Virtua Stick High Grade (VSHG), its buttons and stick?
    What is the best stick for VF for PS3 and XBOX360 at this day?

  5. Due to the fact that I don’t own a PS3 I have never tried a VSHG. But from what I’ve heard about others having good experiences with it, and from judging that every single part of the stick is purely Sanwa, I’d say that you cannot get a better non-customized stick than the VSHG these days.

    Thus, for PS3 the VSHG is surely the star among the sticks. For the Xbox 360 unfortunately the world doesn’t look quite as beautiful. 360 VFers have to rely on HORI-manufactured products which are low-cost but high-price goods (no matter if you get the EX2 or Pro Ex, or RAP3 here). I’d say that you won’t avoid modding a HORI sooner or later – because the buttons will wear out, etc. Buying a customized stick (Arcade-In-A-Box), customizing a VSHG for the 360 or simply buying a HORI standard stick and modding it with Sanwa parts is the only viable solution here that I can see.

  6. After some consulting from KoD and Akuma I finally decided to get a VSHG and mod it myself making it Xbox 360 compatible. After 4 hours of soldering I made it, and the result is impressive. The shift from rubbish to royalty so to speak. Bye, bye, HORI. The VSHG may even be the highest quality stick you can ever get. The dimension of the stick as well as the quality of the used material is top-notch and leaves no further wishes. Get a VSHG for VF’s and your sake.

  7. Congratulations! ))
    Can you to see what an article (S or M) is engraved on the back of the controller(on the bottom)…Do you know Is the difference between “S” and “M”?

  8. I got an M engraved there. Whether it’s M or S there, doesn’t matter so much according to Akuma. It’s all about that there is something engraved there. If there isn’t an engraving , then the VSHG is unfixed – which means that it could cause problems for some games (not for VF5 though). All this doesn’t matter though if you want to make the stick Xbox 360 compatible. If you get rid of the PS3 VSHG PCB anyway, it doesn’t matter which stick revision you got, as you only use the bare bone of the stick including the sanwa parts built into it.

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