I created several reference figures, and art that displays nicely what a thousand words couldn’t. This is the place where I want to collect all these graphics. You can easily click on them for enlarging, or print them out.

Command List

Version 1.04

  • Attacks are ordered by their frames (EXE) now
  • Listed combo sequences under their given starter move
  • Colorized the sequences differently so that it’s easily recognizable as follow-up move
  • Small changes to the layout of the front page
  • Fixed the frames for pk (on Guard)
  • Minor formatting issues
  • Fixed bug (frames for Grd, Hit, CH were mixed up for every section from Jumping Attacks on)

Goh Notes offers the complete Command List for Goh Hinogami for Virtua Fighter 5 Version C (with frames). As it comes as universal PDF, it can be printed out easily. Please choose from the following paper formats available here:

Download (A4)  Download (Letter)

Flow charts

From: Create Your Own Flow Charts

shoulder flowchart


From: Guide: On the secret power of frames

1 fuzzy2 cd fuzzy3 eteg


From: Guide: Stepping in Virtua Fighter 5

stepping canceling chart walking speed chart


From Guide: Throw Escapes the quick way

motion f b motion f df motion b df

From: Escaping Throws (with Quick Reference)

top throw escapes


From: Weight

 Weight table

3 thoughts on “References

  1. Wow. Thanks much for the printable command list.

    Just curious, and this maybe a whole different issue but are there any major differences between ver. C and ver. B?

  2. Apart from the overdue camera fixes (Aoi’s Tenchi stance) VF5 Version C has various gameplay tweaks (moves) over the old B version. But for Goh these tweaks weren’t so numerous as for other chars as he had been fabulously balanced out before in B (increased Tsukami damage, and 6PP is a mid punch mid punch now instead of a mid-punch-mid elbow.

    Myke has summed up the fixes over at VFDC:

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