Universal Combos

Version 1.12 (2008/01/29)

    Final Changes: Soukyuu (bfp), Knee (fk), dfdfp


This section deals with Goh Hinogami’s Universal Combos. Rather than listing up his fanciest and most difficult ones, the combos mentioned here are highly efficient regarding the execution, damage, and universality of the combo.

Each table shows exact data of the combo damage, and against whom it works. It also features specific notes necessary for the combo to connect. Nonetheless, this page only features a biased selection of Goh’s combos in order to highlight his effective, and most universal ones that you can use against most of the opponents in VF5.

Combos awarded with the blue star are recommended due to either their high damage potential or usefulness against a wider spectrum of characters.

As well, if you have problems deciphering the character abbreviations, then please visit this related article: Weight.

Other abbreviations, apart from the characters’, that are you used here:

  • BT = Back-turned
  • CD = Crouch-Dash (either performed by inputting 33 or 323)
  • OM = Offensive Movement (8 or 2P+K+G)
  • P = Punch

Note: The combo damage indicated in the tables can vary from character to character.

Universal Combos


This high-hitting punch is probably one of the best round-openers for Goh. Due to its speedy execution rate and more than decent range this move can also be used in small disadvantageous situations against counter-attacks, or throws. However, comboing with it isn’t as rewarding as one might think. There are various more advanced follow-ups for this move, but most of them are very stance- and character-dependent. We will only deal with the most efficient ones here.



This slow knee-sabaki can also be used well for comboing as it crumples the opponent. The same combos can be applied after his K+GP too.



The relatively short-hitting Karura is probably Goh’s best launcher which also goes under many high attacks. This true mid-hitting force floats the enemy for easy-to-pull-off combos. On counter-hit this move’s damage gets boosted considerably. Also note that on counter-hit the Karura needs to be launched from mid or long range (indicated in the notes section) in order to allow the more rewarding combos to connect.



Rage Knuckle

Goh’s Fudousatsu Arata can be a devastating long range move. On counter-hit it can lead to some quite impressive combos which are extremely hard to do though as they deal with a difficult punch refloater. Nonetheless, these refloaters became highly popular among Japanese players on side-crumples, as they lead to hideously high damage.

66P K CH

Kirin Uppercut

The Kirin Uppercut which comes out unexpected is often used in combination with Goh’s Knee (see below). However, on its own, it can be a good punisher as well if you opponent is farther off.



The famous Tsukikage is Goh’s most miraculous knee that leads to his most damaging combos on counter-hit; you can even combine it with his Basara hit-throw if you counter-catch your opponent’s rising attack or OM moves with the knee. On guard the knee is safe to counter-attacks, but not to throws. For comboing with his Kirin (33P), however, be aware that you always have to buffer the Crouch-Dash after the knee, so that you can always land 33P on counter-hit.



One of the Goh’s best mid-range tools, the side-kick, knocks the opponent down even on normal hit, oftentimes followed up by a dash into anti-tech-roll counter (8 or 2K+G). On counter-hit (CH), however, follow-ups can be easily applied to his side-kick being one of the best in the game.


Rage kick

The Garyuu is Goh’s outrageous mid-hitting kick to the opponent’s groin. Safe on guard this move provides a good tool for long range attacks allowing for heavy damage combos on counter-hit.

66K CH

Bounce kick

The Bounce kick, the high-hitting Raijinsatsu, is probably one of the easiest and most popular combo starters among Goh beginners, as the finishers are relatively easy to pull off.



This catch-throw, unescapable now in VF5, ducks under high attacks and is a good tool for punishing passive blockers, or foes who tend to frequently evade in a certain situations. While the throw itself doesn’t deal much damage, it’s the follow-ups that will drain your opponent’s health bar satisfyingly.

66P G

Wall combos

Wall combos are a fine way to land insanely high-damaging combo strings that wouldn’t have been possible to pull off otherwise. As well, not only strikes lead to wall combos, throws can do as well.


WH throws

19 thoughts on “Universal Combos

  1. Awesome, thanks for this…while I love the VFDC wikis, this is even better because it narrows it down to the best moves (like those top 10 moves lists).

    Greatly appreciated ^_^

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, VFDC wikis is good. But honestly, most Black Book combos are either too character- or too stance-dependant. Therefore, narrowing it down is important, especially for beginners who may feel lost or overwhelmed by all these “expert” combos.

    A Versus Arena section where you can read about tactics against the different chars is to come next.

  3. Not all of these seem to be universal – e.g. 46P P K will whiff against heavies in open stance; something as simple as 46P K will do more damage and seems to work in either stance.

  4. Hm, you’re right KoD. I just tested 46P > PK (~ 38 dmg) versus heavies in open stance and the kick won’t hit no matter what. However 46P > K does only 30 dmg which is too low. I will replace the PK combo against a genuinely universal one for an average dmg of 38 pts: 46P > P > 6P+K. :D

    Apart from that your idea could be incorporated into 46P > P > [G] > K against everyone for 41 dmg (or more).

  5. This is really great information, keep up the good work. I also found a combo that you may want to add under the Soukyuu (46P) section (though I’m not sure if something keep it from being universal). Anyway, if you do 46P, P, 6P, K you’ll get a 4 hit combo for 43 damage. I’ve only tested this on a couple heavier characters though so I’m not sure if it’ll hit everyone. It does work in open and close stance on the characters I’ve tried it on though.

  6. Unfortunately, you can tech-roll out of the last kick making the combo useless as it doesn’t deal enough damage then.

  7. Doh! I didn’t even think about tech-rolling, but if I do find out some more easy combos that deal decent damage I’ll let you know. Still say this is a wonderful resource as it has really helped me out tons already.

  8. The staff and me is working hard to make it even better and bigger with more ideas on how one can enhance his Goh. We are always open for suggestions.

  9. I’ll agree with all the above. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while. Very helpful and presented so well. What a great resource. Thank you.

  10. what i find with heavyweights is that goh’s more damaging combos don’t work against them.. yet when facing someone using jeffry, jeffry have so more damage output. that explains why i have so much trouble against him. is it just me?

    all someone has to do is land a big throw, possibly a knee combo, and you’re down at least half of your life. throw in a couple of okizeme options.. mixing 4KP and throw… or at a distance, use his long range side kicks, 3K+G, threat stance options.

    this is very frustrating and i second doubt if this matchup is *balanced*. anyone else share my pain.. maybe this should go to versus arena?

  11. use jeffry’s speed against him, he’s slow as fuck so try to punish him often, don’t let yourself get caught up in his game, you can decimate his long range sidekicks with a nicely placed b,f+K, wich sabakis knees, and you can combo afterwards

  12. Ive seen someone off a wall combo, i think either with K, or B K, u can do a FF PK BOUNCE combo after that, do u know that input for that?

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