VF BradyGames Guide Helpful for Beginners & Intermediates

51VICJZjeRL._SS500_ I really wished more people would have read this great book: the official BradyGames Virtua Fighter 5 game guide (see the picture to your left). It clarifies it all.

The BradyGames guide is, to-date, still the most accessible Virtua Fighter manual out there. It covers it all: the basics as well as the advanced gameplay mechanics, the character’s weaknesses as well as particular strengths, and even such things as top priority throw escapes and what-not.

While it lacks decent universal combos in the character sections (some of the combos mentioned there are tech-rollable as well), the technical stuff about the game’s core mechanics is an awesome read: comprehensive and comprehensible.

The only thing I’m missing in this guide is a decent coverage of side throws (and escaping them) and stagger recovery. Apart from that, I really like to come back revisit the guide from time to time to refresh my tactical knowledge and digging for new ideas to implement into my game play.

In short: For US$16.99 (official price), this is a real bargain for beginners and intermediates as it holds the information all bundles together in one place, in one book.

One thought on “VF BradyGames Guide Helpful for Beginners & Intermediates

  1. I absolutely agree with your analysis!

    It’s a fantastic guide – certainly one of the best organised and well written fighting game guides out there.

    I have the BradyGameGuides for Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6, but this one for VF5 takes the prize, in my opinion. As for Prima Guides’ Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat Vs DC, wel… the less said about them, the better – I don’t think much of those at all.

    In this VF5 guide, I particularly like how each character has advice on short, medium and long range combat – and also how each character has an overview of their strength and their weaknesses covered so that the reader can fathom match-up tips. The VF5 guide does a great job of getting across the essential information of the character and their “go-to” moves in certain situations.

    While the fighting game community can get rather snobbish about written guides (usually because it does not contain much covetted frame-data), this VF5 guide can stand proud as is a shining example of how fighting game guides should be approached. Anyone getting into (or struggling with, for that matter) VF needs to own this guide!

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