Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown announced at AOU 2010


While the western community is still fighting hard for a console port of the now-2-year-old VF5: Revolution, the arcade-exclusive successor to Virtua Fighter 5, first bits of information about a brand-new VF5 installment called Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown were unveiled today at the Japanese expo AOU 2010.

The annual Amusement Machine Operators’ Union (in short AOU 2010) is a Japanese expo for manufacturers and distributors of arcade hardware (arcade machines and parts) as well as software. Having been announced at the AOU 2010, Final Showdown could perhaps become, as direct successor to VF5:R, the new Virtua Fighter arcade-exclusive.

According to Sega, Japanese players should not stop playing VF5: Revolution at all, though. Your obtained achievements from Revolution (your unlocked costumes, items, orbs, titles etc.) would be carried over to Final Showdown.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is, thus, the newest release from SEGA AM-2 (Outrun, Virtua Cop, Shenmue) then. You can watch a very first trailer for this brand-new VF fighting game down below at the end of the news.

It seems the developers have taken great interest in the visual style of the Street Fighter 4 trailers, which surprised with extensive artistic use of hit effects in form of Japanese brush strokes. Likewise, as can be seen from the Final Showdown trailer, the VF bouts there are accompanied by stylish hit effects, as well, and the scene transitions in the trailer really reminded me of works by Andy Warhol in his best Pop art years. To every VF fan, it’s clear, though, that those “effects” are merely for the visuals, for the promotional purposes, or – in short – purely for the optics, of the trailer.

New costumes and items for the characters aside, there is a wealth of new moves to be amazed by in the trailer as well as some unprecedented gameplay mechanics that really pose the one or other further question. Without doubt, watchful VF fans are dissecting the new VF trailer frame-by-frame by now so that answers to ‘What’s really new in Final Showdown now, dudes?’ are not too remote.

Whether Sega will bless the west with a porting for the consoles this time around (as they’ve skipped porting VF5: Revolution no matter how hard the fans put forward their console requests) or whether or not there will be another ban on the imports of those brand-new arcade machines by Sega for Final Showdown (as was the case with Revolution), remains to be seen. We can only keep our fingers crossed, I guess.

You can also download the trailer directly from Sega here: (28,4 MB).

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