The Goh Quiz #1

face-devilishPut your Goh knowledge to the ultimate test!

No multiple choice. No further hints – just plain hardcore. And Goh specific.

Read carefully and solve the following situation to your advantage. Post your answer in the comments. But don’t be vague!

It’s been an exhaustive match. Both your opponent and you have pretty drained health bars. The next successful hit will decide between victory or defeat. After you made up your mind and went for Goh’s fairly safe standard kick, your opponent was, unfortunately, lucky enough to get that move blocked. Due to previous fights with him you know that he will either go for a throw that you know the throw escape of, a punch combo, or a staggering, half-circular mid-elbow that would lead to a huge follow-up for him. As you’re running out of time – did those 45 seconds really go by that quickly? –, you want to finish the match here and now. But what to do to turn the tables putting this match to an end?

The solution to this quiz can be found on page 2.

One thought on “The Goh Quiz #1

  1. As I’ve put up the quiz on VFDC as well (maybe I shouldn’t have), it’s already been solved. It obviously took VFnumbers just a few (split-)seconds to come up with the right answer. But test for yourself — what would you do?

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