The Goh Quiz #2

face-devilishPut your Goh knowledge to the ultimate test!

No multiple choice. No further hints – just plain hardcore. But Goh-specific hardcore!

Read carefully and solve the following situation to your advantage. Post your answer in the comments below, but don’t be vague.

What a lousy start you had in this tournament final! You barely managed to make up for it in the last two rounds. It’s 2:2 now – the last round decides the whole tournament. You don’t feel so confident anymore, eventhough you prepared so well beforehand practicing the timing of even the hardest combos in and out in Dojo Mode. You are up against a really strong player, though, who is able to read most of your actions (although, funnily, he always tech-rolls to the very same side). His superb Yomi mastery has put your health bar to an alarming minimum again. He feels quite relaxed – which is no wonder as his health bar shows barely any sign of depletion. (In fact, he still has 149 of 200 life points.) Time is, again, running out making you dead aware that your next action may very well be your last. Fortunately, you just managed to successfully hit him with bfkplusg. But which moves to use now?

The solution to this quiz can be found on page 2.

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