VF5R Fans Fighting for Console Port

office-date With Virtua Fighter 5: Revolution SEGA got the fifth installment of the old-established polygon beat-em-up series an overhaul for the Japanese arcade halls. Unfortunately, a console port never appeared so that only in Japan you can enjoy the two new characters – karateka Jean and sumo wrestler Taka – and the many new gameplay changes and moves.

high-grade-article With the release of the new Revision B of VF5:R (new animations and balancing), the close-knit western fan community hoped for a speedy porting to the current-gen consoles. As I’ve already mentioned on GamersGlobal.com, western fans have already begun in October 2008 to excessively file support tickets on SEGA’s Japanese community site to request a console port for VF5:R. But SEGA never quite responded to that.

Only after the fan campaign expanded and flooded the new community channels of SEGA – Twitter, Facebook, and their discussion boards – in the last months, and after SEGA’s facebook wall got literally paved with requests, the community managers felt obliged to ask in the company about a potential console port of VF5:R.

“We asked company wide and unfortunately it has been confirmed there are no current plans for this to happen.”

But no less than Makoto Osaki, development director of AM2, in person may have summoned up the fan movement. In an interview with Kikizo last year Osaki said that he couldn’t give a definite answer whether VF5:R would come to the consoles. “[B]ut if we get a lot of requests from users, then it’s definitely possible. We just don’t know yet.”

Meanwhile, among the western VF fan base hard feelings against the whole company of SEGA and their products begin to show through. Reason enough for SEGA to rethink their strategy and choose the lesser evil?

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