Myke’s OM-Cancel Trick

vf5300 If you have ever tried to pull off those fancy Offensive Movement combos, you might have run into a problem: most of the time not your combo but OM- or OM-, dependent on your combo starter, comes out most mistakenly.

I remember having read some post by Myke on VFDC that explained a simple but effective way of dealing with this misery. When I couldn’t find it on the forums anymore, I sent Myke a private message. Myke was so friendly to share his trick with me. And so I’ll share it with you here too.

Myke, who is not only a dedicated VF player but also the head and mastermind behind VFDC, with his own words:

“When you enter or plusplus, let go of and and continue holding . At the end of the OM immediately input [your combo]. The carries over to cancel the input buffer to prevent the unwanted OM attack.”

Thanks, Myke.

P.S. One example for such an OM-combo for Goh would be: dfdf > OM to opponent’s back > f.

One thought on “Myke’s OM-Cancel Trick

  1. I have trouble doing it Myke’s way. I just OM and, close to the end of the OM I will piano press G then P and get the regular jab every time.

    I was getting the feeling that holding G after the OM still wasn’t canceling my OM+P.

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