Change of Plans …

Apparently, the video host Vimeo that I uploaded all my videos to doesn’t quite like game videos. Without further warning my account got deleted and therewith all the VF5 match videos that I uploaded and shared on the Goh Notes Video Channel.

I’m currently working on a solution, trying to find a new upload-worthy host that provides just the right video quality for VF5 matches.

Thus, bottom line is that the Goh Notes Video Channel is, as of now, down — so are all its videos. However, SuddenDeath’s ring-out video, and the stunning AdamYUKI vs. Ken’s Lei Fei video are still up on this site. You can find them in the video bar at the bottom.

— Leonard

7 thoughts on “Change of Plans …

  1. Man, you need to reupload the VF3 Tourney vid, with Akira Kid & Co.!!

    Thanks for the efforts on this blog, it’s one of the most informative VF blogs I have read.

  2. Hey Leo, have you found already a video host? Maybe you can upload it to a free file sharing service like rapidshare for us to download (I would really like to have that video in my PC).

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Although I tried out a dozen of services, I wasn’t able to find one yet that would really suit Goh Notes. For one, I’m looking for good video quality but the video host should also allow its videos to get easily embedded in high-quality.

  4. Hey Leo, have you heard about It’s a videogame only video sharing service, and of course it’s free. You might want to give it a try. If not, can I ask you to upload the VF3 tourney vid as a file to or another free hosting service? Me and my friend are playing VF3 on DC (as we don’t have any newer console!) so this video can really make us improve…

    Thanks in advance!

  5. VSfighting never worked for me. When I tried to upload my stuff to that site, it never responded. However, in DailyMotion I’ve found a host that allows 10-min+ videos. So I could upload it to them which I will.

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