Goh’s New VF5:R Skills Revealed

vf5r The location tests for Virtua Fighter 5: Revolution are in full progress.

Goh Hinogami’s moves, however, are set. We got hold of his new moves as well as his old revised ones.

Included in this article is also a video demonstrating Goh’s newly gained powers.

According to a Japanese Goh Hinogami VF5:R FAQ, several changes and additions were done to the move list of Goh Hinogami. This doesn’t mean that the moves and throws mentioned here will make it into the final version of VF5: Revolution though. Oftentimes, the Japanese author of the FAQ, a Goh player, guesses the moves’ properties. So don’t expect everything to be 100% correct.

I have added some moves that were not mentioned in the FAQ but which could be found in other VF5:R videos.

Thanks to Jide for the translation of the FAQ!


  • d_dfpplusk: New shoulder-ram command that could feel welcome for many Goh players. Note: the old shoulder-ram input gives you the headbutt move now.
  • NEW! ddffpplusk: A new headbutt move that even breaks guard. pk follow-up seems to be possible.
  • NEW! fp: New elbow move that staggers crouching opponents with most likely better range, and better stats than Goh’s old dfp or fp.
  • NEW! dfpp: A new uppercut combo. The second move of the string knocks down totaling in a damage of 38 pts.
  • NEW! pkp: A new combo string of which the 3rd hit is a hit-throw. This could add another dimension to Goh’s back-turned pk guessing game though. The hit-throw part looks pretty much like the fp Basara finisher.
  • bfppluskpp: In contrast to the FAQ, this combo was not removed. The p-finisher is still an option when using this combo. Thanks Gernburgs for the info!
  • NEW! bfppluskppplusg: New combo. The last part of the combo can lead into the Tsukami Grab now.
  • ffp > fpplusg: Minor command change for this hit-throw that apparently now ducks under highs making it a whole lot more now. Before, fk was always more fertile to use. The move still requires counter-hit though.
  • NEW! dbk: New low kick that seems to have better properties than his old low kicks.
  • NEW! dfk: New down attack (kick) that seems to be slower but more damaging than dfp. Guaranteed after bdfpplusg though.
  • ufkplusg: According to the VF5:R location-test flyer, this is now supposed to knock down on normal hit. The move still causes stagger (?!).


  • bdfpplusk: Goh’s low-punch deflection move recovers high now. You can’t duck under grab throws or high attacks anymore.
  • dfpplusk: Seems to be Goh’s new knee sabaki now with a new animation and faster speed.
  • dbpplusk: New elbow sabaki. Throws are much easier to connect from it now. pk follow-up still looks guaranteed.


  • NEW! bdbddffpplusg: Highest damage throw for 70 pts damage now. The 270° throws seem to be gone.
  • dfdfpplusg: They tweaked the throw so that recovering from it is easier and doesn’t have to end up being ground-thrown.
  • ffpplusg: This catch throw can be blocked high now, although it connects on a yellow flash hit. The author of the FAQ isn’t sure of the property change.
  • NEW! bfpplusg: New wall throw. No combo follow-ups possible. 70 pts damage!
  • NEW! fbpplusg: Second new wall throw. No combo follow-ups possible. 70 pts damage as well!


  • fppluskplusg: The only change is you can’t use the forward roll anymore to back off when you escaped a throw.


Click image to watch the video

Click image to watch the video

In this video a good portion of Goh Hinogami’s new or modified moves and throws are being demonstrated. The video is available on Wipido without any quality loss from the original file. Just follow the link above by clicking on the image.

As well, another interesting Goh match is available here.


The changes to Goh’s already balanced move list are quite satisfying. New wall throws, combos, and combo finishers round off Goh’s arsenal of throws and attacks quite well and add even more variety to his gameplay and more nitaku situations.

7 thoughts on “Goh’s New VF5:R Skills Revealed

  1. It’s at 1:54 of the video I posted. He juggles Sarah with it and hits her again when it slams. That’s the same move.

  2. It won’t post my link but it’s at 1:54 in the Goh vs Sarah vid on page 33 of the Loke Test movies on VFDC.

  3. It’s 46P+KPP I’m referring to… I believe it’s still in the game. It has not been taken out. Watch the vid… 1:54 Sarah vs Goh on pg 33 of the loc test movies on VFDC…

    Sorry for spamming but I can’t paste the link.

  4. “Before, forward-K was always more futile to use.”

    This doesn’t make sense. This means the opposite of what you’re trying to say. I think you meant that Fwd-K was MORE useful than 66P… “more futile”=worse…

  5. Thank you very much for this “Goh’s preview”.
    Very sad that:
    -43P+K not crouch status anymore-(I’ve used it often as dealing with Throw, High , low punch at my disadv.

    Great that:
    -now Goh have wall-throw,
    -more attack-throw and more options into Tsukami grab(especially as mix-up in strike strings,
    -easy to perform 70dmg throw(180 degr vs 270).
    -easy to perform 2_6P+K, now this important move is 2_3P+K (so you can buffering this by 333P+K).

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