In-Depth Virtua Fighter 5 Review at GamersGlobal


Virtua Fighter 5 still splits the world of fighting gamers – even today. But why is that so? What does Virtua Fighter stand for?


What is it that makes VF5 succeed and fail at the same time? And what is actually new in Virtua Fighter 5?


Revised review now available!

You can only really review a game like Virtua Fighter 5 after playing it for months and months. Because playing Virtua Fighter 5 in its whole depth and beauty takes time, much time – time that is very well worth your effort of trying out a stellar fighting game that knows how to hold you in its spell! That is, if you allow it to …

–Leonard McCoy

All this and more can be read about in my exclusive in-depth mega review on GamersGlobal, the digital newspaper for gamers by gamers.

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