Relaunch & New Concept

Enough of the waiting! As I got Internet again, the relaunch of Goh Notes will happen right now, right here! The new features in a nutshell:

  1. Guides: I decided to write guides on topics that are either not well explained enough in the world of VF, or that simply need more careful attention and tutoring.
  2. Better Structure: Articles will not only be much more structured now but you will also gain the choice to decide whether you only want to stick to the main text with all the essential information or, additionally, to a sub-text that provides you with more in-detail “expert” data.
  3. Better Readability: Pictures, tables, and figures will now support an article wherever necessary.
  4. Newspaper-Style Format: I decided to go for a more newspaper-oriented text style. This means that the articles will feature more examples, figures, clearer writings, and thoughts about subjects that do matter all neatly bundled up in structured articles.

Enjoy the new, and better Goh Notes. Feel free to leave feedback and requests wherever and about whatever you like!

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