Leonard’s Top Ten Moves

Goh Hinogami is a throw-emphasized, sabaki-oriented character. And I treat him as that seizing many situation to set up throws.

While many players tend to play Goh rather defensively this doesn’t have to be the case. Goh can put up huge nitaku (2-way) situations himself as well when taking the offense. The non-throw arsenal that Goh possesses is outstanding though. He may only have like four combos but these are well worth it. Even his basic moves are considered to be one of the best in the game (see Standard Kick).

In the end, it comes down to the main VF game principle: a mid or throw. And this is, Ladies and Gentlemen, where Goh is at his best.

I’ll try to list up the Goh moves that I wouldn’t want to miss as they are essential to Goh.

My Top 10

  1. p: I simply can’t emphasize this enough. A simple punch (or Down-Punch) can lead to so much: a direct command throw, a PK4 mix-up, and so forth. It’s the most fundamental move and stands out as priority one for me. Can also be used to test out your foe’s offense (test punching his block) in order to see his reactions.
  2. All throws: Goh Hinogami is a Judo character. His whole gameplay nature is about throws. So I use them. A lot.
  3. Evading: I know that every character can evade, and it’s certainly not a move. But for Goh this gameplay feature is quite much more important. If you can’t intercept a move to set up a throw situation then evade it and throw.
  4. d_fpplusk: The infamous Shoulder Ram has fabulous damage as single move and in combos. As well, on hit it can put up a great nitaku situation for your opponent who has to fear another mid or even a throw (270° throw preferably). The Shoulder Ram can be greatly combined with Crouch-Dashing and moves that leave Goh in a crouched state (43P, 6P+K+G, etc.).
  5. fppluskp: This combo, like all of Goh’s combos, is hit-checkable and vastly damaging for a 2-Hit (!) combo. It stands here for all of Goh 2-Hit combos. Can be broken as well (just apply a throw after the first move 6P+K).
  6. k: Goh’s Standard Kick can be greatly used as defensive tool as it doesn’t make Goh advance forward in any way.
  7. dfp: A quick mid with the potential to stagger your opponent. Can be combined with throws or even the Shoulder Ram or Standard Kick.
  8. pplusk: Yes, you can sabaki so much with it saving you the hassle to go through a lot of painful play against some characters. While the Tsukami Grab can be escaped it’s still one of my favorite techniques that is also capable to stop the flow of your foe.
  9. fk The Knee is the damage-bringer (but only in Counter-Hit situations). That’s where it can cause horrendous damage. I still use the 6P+KP follow-up though. 33P is simply ridiculous timing-wise.
  10. bfk: The Sabaki Kick has got, besides its deflective capabilities, a fabulous range.

I guess my list could go on and on. But anyway, now you know my Top 10. What is yours?

4 thoughts on “Leonard’s Top Ten Moves

  1. One move that surprisingly moved up to my top 10 list is K+G with optional P followup.
    It’s one of his only moves useful for stopping sidestep happy opponents. If the opponent blocks it and tries for a quick punishment you can throw out the optional P followup for a crumple that leads to nice damage. The main reason I like it so much is, once you hit that P followup one time you put the fear of god into your opponent. So I found myself in surprise mixup situations. Whenever I threw out a K+G and it connected (hit or block) my opponent hesitated because of the followup. The few times they try to sidestep fearing the P followup they get thrown or punished in some other way. The times they tried to attack right away they got hit with the P followup. Of course its not perfect, but if you guess right one time, its like giving yourself a mental frame advantage. Now you can throw out a K+G (not spam it of course) and have way more options than usual.

  2. I like to 6pp myself, as it is safe on block (-8). and the first 6p on MC can lead to other options, with the 2nd hit being a canned move. On hit 6p is -4 disadvantage, but the canned 2nd p will often send doubts about counter attacking immediately.

    6p/6pp > Shoulder Ram to defeat 2ps and high p

    6p/6pp > throw. Due to -4 disadvantage, it is not the optimal choice. At -8 disadvantage, it is time to fuzzy or ETEG

    6p/6pp > p+k sabaki

    6p/6pp > back dash > 43p for low poke/3k+g and try for MC hit throw

    6p/6pp > OMP/OMK

    6p/6pp > 2p or p > repeat nitaku

  3. 1)3P+K:
    -against guess game: Mid punch(sabaki), throw(crush).

    -at even -11 disadv. game 2P>throw: Sabaki 2P attempts, crouch under the throw.

    3)2/8 P+K:
    -at even -11 disadv. against mix of linear attack-throw: evade linear attacks , clash throws.

  4. K+G->P – has got to be in the top 10. It’s such a useful mix-up for Goh that can drive your opponent insane if used well. The knock-back on block is good enough that there’s no good excuse not use this combo.

    3P+K Sabaki – Another top-10 move for its mix-up crushing abilities. Sabaki-ing the elbow or clashing the throw to beat two options can’t be bad…

    66K – One of Goh’s very few, good range tools to keep your opponent guessing from mid range or farther. It’s one of his only moves that give your opponent something they have to worry about from afar. Used with Guard-Buffering, this move is a great surprise to an advancing foe as well…

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