Back-turned Mix-Up Synopsis

Goh is not to be underestimated. Even in back-turned state he can force a lot of pressure and cunning mind games upon the opponent. With his various back-turned options Goh is able to inflict massive damage on his foe. In the following I will present a few thoughts about his possible mix-ups.

When your back is turned …

Punch-Kick is not only the quickest punishment, for Goh this combo is one of his few mind games that can net him damage going beyond the simple punch-kick combination of other characters. In fact, his back-turned mix-up can be so diverse that the opponent will have a hard time struggling out of it with the result that a massive amount of damage can be inflicted. This makes it to one of Goh’s major pressure tools for punch-string openings.

On hit pkb leaves you at +3 advantage. If pkb is guarded you are at -5 disadvantage.

The following presents possible punishment options for Goh after a pkb hit:

p Against opponents who use fast attacks or on block BT P proves to be a viable option that can be stringed together and continued in a combo starting with Punch, as well.

  • pkb
pplusg The inescapable BT P+G throw comes out pretty slow but represents one of Goh’s most popular choices in a BT situation. Mind that the throw is slow but inescapable.

  • dfdffpplusk: The relatively slow but inescapable catch-throw followed by a guaranteed shoulder has an awesome damage potential.
  • ffk > d/ukplusg: In combination with the Anti-Tech Trap the Rage Kick is an easy-to-execute option.
pplusk If the opponent wants to throw you, crouches or even attacks BT P+K is the other two-choice (ni-taku) option here. On hit BT P+K side-turns the opponent creating an opening for several other follow-ups:

  • pplusg: Possibly the easiest follow-up option after a P+K hit. P+G will be a side-throw if done immediately.
  • OMk
  • DELAYED C-THROW: A slightly delayed command throw can be another option here for massive damage.
g > THROW Pressing guard and quickly buffering a throw of your choice (preferably a 270° one) guarantees that you turn towards your enemy again throwing him with a 0-Frame-Throw. Without pressing Guard only the slow but unescapable BT P+G will turn out. For a fabulous 270° throw the complete sequence would be:

  • pkb > g > ubdfpplusg: With a bit practice this option turns to be the most damaging that Goh possesses worth the effort studying it.
CD > g > THROW Certain characters, such as Lau, can escape the BT situation with a certain move. In order to close the gap between foes who hide-and-run, Goh is able to crouch-dash toward the foe while being in the back turned state. This is done with a Crouch-Dash or normal dash shortly after getting back turned.

  • dfddf (dfdf)
  • ff

After that, once being near you opponent again, all other follow-up options described above can be used here.

Options from BT ufkplusg

While it is hard to land the high-hitting Flying Kick with Goh, it does represent a good weapon for situations in which you might get thrown. Once the kick hits your opponent, he is put into a staggered state optimal for some mind games. In any case, whether on block or hit, Goh is left back-turned after the Flying Kick. This opens the opponent up for all possible back-turned follow-ups mentioned above. Some other approaches:

STAGGER > CD > g > THROW In order to close the gap between your opponent Goh is able to crouch-dash toward the foe while still being and remaining in the back-turned state. This is done with a Crouch-Dash or normal dash shortly after getting back turned.

    • dfddf (dfdf)
    • ff

    After that, once being near you opponent again, you can proceed with Guard turning around and throwing or with any of the other follow-ups mentioned in the BT PK4 section above.

Options from BT bbp

The Urahiji only takes 13 frames to execute with -2 on Guard.

Last but not least, this safe high elbow is another of Goh’s move to get into the back-turned state. Its high speed makes it a good tool for punishing and poking from near but also from far away when using the back-turned crouch dash to your advantage (see Flying Kick) for getting into throw range.

8 thoughts on “Back-turned Mix-Up Synopsis

  1. another awesome write up leonard. i am hoping to utilize this to even the score.

    you know after playing awhile, i really do feel goh is a weaker character unless you have great skills to pull it off. some of the strikers just have it so much easier… i wonder a character like goh requires so much more skill.

  2. The thing is that VF is pretty much a strike-oriented fighting game. Throw-heavy characters such as Goh who originally wouldn’t even have any strikes or kicks due to their kind of martial arts (Judo – throws and grappling, etc.) can’t quite compete with the strike-emphasized chars on that same level. Goh has to go (wow, a pun) other ways (throws, hit-throws, sabakis) and is the complete counter-part to most of VF’s chars.

    Goh is a challenge in VF.

  3. thanks for good reply leonard.

    yes, i find goh’s arsenal of strikes to be quite limited. his hit throws, i do f,f,k+g, and f,f+p not very useful. certainly u can get this in from time to time.. but i don’t know when to use them. i also find his low kicks to be ridiculously weak. i don’t see why d+k has such a crappy reward for the high risk. his other low kicks are in the same category.

    i’m a little frustrated with goh many times i feel like quiting him.

  4. Goh is easy to pick up but hard to win with. I have a tekken background… played it for many yrs; mackfactor on tekkenzaibatsu and online DR. When tekken 6 came out i was sooo turned off… and I one of my friends got me into Virtua fighter 5. In my opinion tekken rewards more technical skill than knowledge. Vf rewards knowledge more than technical skill. but neways.

    My first characer is goh.. im having a hard time winning against my friends… But after finding this website my goh is coming along ok.

    thanks for website..

    by ne chance. Do u know of ne good lei fei websites..
    hes my secondary character

  5. If i was to play a good goh player who constantly goes into the backstance mixup…. What would be the best way out for each situation. like for exam backstance throw.. perhaps ducking or a down jab… i duno… or like sidestepping backstance P… what do u think are the best ways to escape each mixup.

  6. If you Fuzzy Guard instantly, then you can avoid the mix-up. This only goes however if the opponent doesn’t delay the mix-up. Other options are only possible for other characters – such as Lau who has this neat jump kick. Down-Punch can be an option if you blocked his move that leaves Goh in the backturned state. I’d go with Fuzzy Guarding (down+Guard or crouch-dash+Guard) though unless you really know which option he is gonna take.

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