Ten Video Guides for Bettering Your Style

The undocumented complexity of Virtua Fighter 5 comes at a price: confusion. In order to clear some things up a bit, to get behind the system of VF5, watch the next tutorial videos closely demonstrating the in and outs of Virtua Fighter.

Let yourself be guided by the ten steps to clarity.

For the videos thanks to: Srider, CheF_FraSH

Step 1

Bouncing is an important aspect of Virtua Fighter inflicting massive damage on your opponent. Srider, who is the host of all these tutorial videos, demonstrates masterfully how bouncing is done.

Step 2

Fuzzy Guarding has become the most important defensive tool in Virtua Fighter 5. This video is a must-see for all of you who don’t know yet how it is done. Counters against Fuzzy Guarding can be low-throws, or simply delayed throws.

Step 3

Movement is vital as a moving target is always harder to hit than a standing one. The basics of moving around defensively and offensively (e.g. in combo sequences) are explained here.

Step 4

Offensive Movement is a new addition to VF5. It can be used in various ways: as movement in the ring, to produce side-turned situation, or even for Okizeme (dealing with a rising opponent).

Step 5

Side-turned situations made their first appearance in Virtua Fighter 5. This short video demonstrates the advantages of getting your opponent side-turned.

Step 6

Throw Clashing is also a new and important aspect in VF5 leaving both combatants at a status quo. In order to avoid throw clashing there is usually only a small arsenal of attacks that can be used: quick attacks (such as PK), jumping attacks (for Goh: 9K+G), attacks leaving you back-turned (44P), and crouch attacks (43P, 1K+G, …).

Step 7

Combining these major elements with the basic tactics of your character, Goh, will be greatly advantageous for you. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, this following video is still a great addition to watch for pumping up your character:

Step 8

Advanced Defense plays an important role once you have mastered the basics. Knowing the in and outs of your defense will greatly reduce the damage you have to take. This tutorial deepens the practice of Fuzzy Guarding, Throw Escaping (TE), and Evade Throw Escape Guarding (ETEG). Thanks to Flash for these videos.

Step 9

Advanced Offense is the final step to fully understand the more complex system rounding off your basic knowledge of VF5. Nitaku, Delayed Fuzzy, Anti-Fuzzy Tactics, Anti-Evade, Evade-Cancel, and Offensive Movement are all the topics included in this fabulous exemplary video.

Step 10

Practice! Fighting in-game will not only give you a better understanding of the game’s principles but it will also train your mind and fingers to react appropriately.

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