How to Create Your Own Flow Charts

Every player has his own fighting style that is unique. One might use this move after that one whereas others might act totally differently. Flow charts can help enriching your fighting style showing different move possibilities that fit into your flow of playing: you build move chains for certain circumstances or possible reactions of your foe on hit. Making plans for a particular situation, for instance when Goh’s shoulder ram hits, can help a player to overcome his lack of successful and quick action in a particular situation. Let us have a look at a flowchart for Goh’s shoulder ram.

A Shoulder Ram Flow Chart

shoulder flowchart

According to your fighting style your follow-up moves after a shoulder ram that hits may be totally different. In general though, one usually distinguishes between two situations: whether the opponent is crouching or standing after the hit. According to this you can create your own flow chart trying to maximize your damage output and hit rate of the follow-up moves by chaining moves or actions together.

Once you have conditioned your opponent to, for example, throws, he may start crouching much more often: perfect for another shoulder ram, and another, and another. If he’s an expert at escaping throws, why don’t you try the unescapable catch-throw then?

Examining your set-up move, the one that you want to build your move chain upon, is vital. The shoulder pushes the enemy out of your close range setting up the possibility to land a standard kick which is a defensive (you don’t advance forward), but at the same time, also an offensive move as you are ready to stop any interference with this simple mid-hitting kick that has enough range to hit your enemy.

4 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Flow Charts

  1. Great stuff and very clearly explained. Thank you. I’ve only really now started getting into VF (VF4 Evo, specifically, since I don’t have a PS3), and guides like this help a lot. Cheers!

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