On 2P-Side Deficiency

What most players, not only beginners, suffer from consciously or unconsciously is a more or less distinctive 2P-Side Deficiency. This deficiency causes players to feel uncomfortable on the right-hand side of a fight in Virtua Fighter, or other fighting games.

Oftentimes players can perform moves or combo chains much better on the left (1P) than on the right (2P) side, simply because they are so much more used to the 1P side. Other reasons could be that all the numerical or ideographic notations for Virtua Fighter were meant for the 1P side creating a dominance for this specific side of the other. That is to say that you become 1P-handed after a specific time if you play most of the time on the left side. Then, especially entering correct diagonal inputs on the 2P-side is a symptom that can severely limit a player’s efficiency.

But what can you do against it?

The Cure

Organized training over an extended period of time is the best formula. Here a few suggestions:

  • CROUCH-DASH: Most players have already replaced the usual crouch-dash input (dfdf or dbdb) with the alternative (dfddf or dbddb).
  • DOJO 2P-MODE: Hold RB (right button) upon entering the Dojo mode so that you are on the 2P side by default. Practice a specific set of combos and moves.
  • OTHER 2P-MODES: Why not playing Quest and Arcade mode on the 2P side? Simply enter them by holding RB.

Training Schedule

The following training schedule consists of different blocks that are to be mastered on the 2P side. According to that all the input commands were modified for the 2P side. Reverse them for the 1P-side. This is best to be trained in 2P-Dojo Mode.

Moves (2P side) Number of repetitions
dbddbbpplusk 2
fbp > p > dbddbbpplusk 3
bbpplusg > dbddbbpplusk 3
bbpplusg > DASH > dp > dp > d_bpplusk 2
dbdbp 2
dbdbp > fbppluskbp 3
dbdbp > DASH > fpplusk > dp > (d_)bpplusk 3
fdbpplusk 2
ppluskplusg > fdbpplusk 3
fdbpplusk > bp 2
ppluskplusg > fdbpplusk > bp 3
bk > fdbpplusk 2
bk > ppluskplusg > fdbpplusk 2
bk > ppluskplusg > fdbpplusk > bp 3

One thought on “On 2P-Side Deficiency

  1. Small note… but the way I’ve always managed to remember combos – no matter what side of the screen I’m on – is not to think in terms of “Left/Right” or even “4/6”. I memorize 2D buttons by using the terms “forward” and “backward” in relation to the enemy.

    After all, it’s a “crouching forward dash”, is it not? If I’m on the right side of the screen, then the “forward” button to reach my enemy is intuitively the left arrow button. And vice-versa.

    But I won’t say that I never get mixed up. xD Moves with 64 (forward then backwards) attempt to freak my brain out. Though like you say… just following a practice routine can do wonders. ^_^

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