On Weight (with Quick Reference)

For landing juggles, and float-combos it is also important to take your opponent’s weight into account. Some of your combos may only work on lighter characters whereas others are more suitable against heavier ones. Therefore, you could say that if a combo or juggle works against Aoi, for instance, then it’s not unlikely that it works for every character of her weight class (light).


It is common, especially in combo charts, to abbreviate the character names. Pay attention to the capitalization here, as certain names such as Eileen (EI) and El Blaze (EL) begin with the same letters. Ordered by weight, from lightest to heaviest, these are the common abbreviations, used on this site as well:

  • EI, AO, PA, VA, SA
  • EL, GO, BR, LE, KA, SH, LI
  • LA, JA, AK
  • WO, JE

Weight table

While there are character-specific combos & juggles, the characters can be reliably divided into four weight classes. The weight table is to be read from top to bottom, so that Eileen, for instance, represents the lightest character of the light weight class.

Weight table

2 thoughts on “On Weight (with Quick Reference)

  1. That’s too simplified:

    Eileen and Aoi are the lightest. Pai is roughly the same weight, but combos are more likely to be stance dependent.

    Vanessa and then Sarah come next.

    El Blaze is the lightest middle weight, but his stance is strange, so strange combos work on him.

    Goh, Brad, and Lei-Fei are very similiar.

    Kage is similar to Goh, Brad, and Lei-Fei, but like Pai, for some reason, many combos don’t work on him.

    Then there’s Shun and Lion, whose stances are really low, making them similar to bricks in a way. Lion, for some reason, can be bounced alot.

    Then comes Lau, Jacky, and Akira. Lau has some oddball float properties and basic combos sometimes whiff.

    Lastly (you got this correct), Wolf and then Jeffry.

  2. I updated the table. MS Word had rearranged the pics which I hadn’t noticed until you commented on it. Thank you very much for investing your time into writing such a precise correction.

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